Wednesday, January 21, 2009

LAB WORK: Working with Google Docs

Today we will be using a google product called google docs to save, store, and share our work.

All you need to start a google docs account is an email address: any email address (it need not be gmail).

If you do not have a google docs account, go here to create one.

After that, you will start a new document to work on today's assignment (link below). To get started, simply start a new document and rename it with your FirstLast and Assignment title (e.g. JamesJohnsonObamaFacts). Share it with me as a collaborator via my email address.

In this document, you will need to cite, or give credit, to your sources of information according to Turabian format, so go to Turabian citation guide and check out how to do footnotes (designated "N" on that guide) for the type of source (website, book, journal article, etc.) you used. Remember what we have discussed about legitimate internet sources: use museum, university, or government websites, not personal webpages or blogs).

Here is a basic sample of how Turabian style footnotes look for a website:
Author/Editor. "Title." Link. (accessed on date).

Here is the link to our lab assignment for today that explains more in detail what you will be doing.

Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Inauguration Day HW

As you know, today is a historic day: the inauguration of our country's 44th President. In class, we analyzed past inaugural speeches for themes and made predictions about Obama's inaugural address. For HW, your task is to see if your predictions were accurate and RESPOND to his speech.

First, locate the inaugural address on video or audio. A good place to start is the official inaugural website
but you may have some luck on youtube or a basic google search. On, they also posted the video earlier in the day.

ASSIGNMENT: After you've watched the inaugural address, post your reaction to it as a comment to this post. Be sure that I can tell who are (use first name and last initial to identify yourself) in your post. Your reaction should center around whether President Obama's speech was similar or different to what you expected and what you liked or disliked about it. Also, identify one or two themes present in the speech. Post should be 3-5 sentences.

(photo credit: vanity fair magazine)