Sunday, August 30, 2009

Feeling hot, hot, hot (well, humid is more accurate)

It has been incredibly hot practically every day since we arrived in Taiwan almost a month ago. I remember when our director showed showed us to our apartment (pics coming soon, I promise), and we stood in it, literally dripping in sweat in a matter of moments. Nothing has changed, temperature-wise, but really, it's the humidity that makes it so remarkable anyway. The Central Weather Bureau is where we get the forecast, but I'm not sure why we check it, as it doesn't seem to change from day to day.

Tonight, on my way back from the awesome grocery store (awesome because the shelf labels are in English!) in our neighborhood, I treated myself to a cold beverage I have been meaning to try: ProSweat. I guess it is like Gatorade, judging from that name, but it was cold and refreshing.  And then, I sweated my way home like a pro, back to sweet air-conditioned comfort.  Good night, moon.