Tuesday, February 24, 2009

HW: The "Third World" Discussion

In class, we have been discussing what separates the United States and other "first world" countries from developing countries, sometimes called "third world" countries.

For HW, you will post a comment to this entry with a reflection on this topic. In your post: give examples of "first," "second" or "third" world countries (by doing an internet search). Read the comments made by your classmates and respond to what they are saying. A place to start the comments might be: if "third world" is an offensive name, is there a better alternative? Also,here is a picture of school in a "third world" country. How is it different or similar to school in the US? You can respond to anyone's comments, whether that person is in your class period or not. Be considerate and respectful; strive to make an interesting point!

Remember, comments policy: use first name and last initial only.