Friday, June 11, 2010

On Scooter Culture

Scooters are definitely the dominant form of transportation in Taiwan.  It's not uncommon, around 5 pm when local schools let out, to see a business-attired mother scootering her two children home.  It sometimes freaks me out, especially when I see a baby in a sling on its mother while she scoots around... and next to her is a man texting on his scooter while running the red light and smoking a cigarette.  While we choose to bike or walk rather than scoot,  we LOVE to observe the scooter culture, everything from the rules of the road to rebel "scooter gangs" (neon and/or halogen lights are a must), and the hilarious English-language slogans scooters bear.  Here are a few pictures of scooter decals E snapped on our way to lunch the other day (ahh, summer vacation, when teachers have enough time to laugh and dwaddle on the way to a cafe). 
This one makes no sense whatsoever, so of course we love it. 
 I'm of the opinion that a motorized vehicle brand should not make reference to wine, but hey...

I have one more pic, but I need to figure out how to stop it from rotating when I load it into blogger.  The slogan says, "We reach for the sky, neither does civilization" and the brand is SNIPER. Taiwan, we love you.