Monday, October 5, 2009

Taipei for Beginners (Taipei 101)

We have an extended break this weekend for the moon festival and besides being beyond excited to have a few days off of work (work, we love you, but are EXHAUSTED), it was nice to have some extra time to see more of Taiwan.  After debating between Kenting and Taipei, we decided to hop the high-speed rail to Taiwan's capital city.  For about $35US one way, we grabbed two tickets at the Zuoying station and arrived in Taipei 90 minutes later.  We filmed a short video of ourselves on the train,  but spoke too quietly for our voices to get picked up by the mic.  Oops.  Here is a picture of E waiting for the HSR and contemplating a tea egg (the station in Kaohsiung is brand new sparkly-nice).

In Taipei, after E admired a new hairstyle, we  made it our mission to visit Taipei 101 (currently the tallest building in the world).  We walked for hours, keeping our sights set on 101- with breaks, of course, for bike shops, flower markets, lattes, etc.  As we finally got close, we were in awe of this cool building, and even more impressed with the way it was lit up at night.  We hopped a free shuttle, grabbed a teeny hotel room near city hall, and collapsed, happy and exhausted... only to be woken up at 1:30 by an earthquake!  It seems Taiwan is working double-time to give us new experiences, but we are thankful to be here together and safe.


  1. Hey, Sounds Like you two are having a good time in Taiwan! (Take a guess who it is Ms. Aiello) We just started learning about the Lusitania in History (HINT! HINT!) anyway i hope i fell an earthquake when i go to California... Love reading about what you've done!
    Your Past Student,
    Sam Lawrence

  2. Sam,

    It is fantastic to hear from you! Is sophomore year off to a good start? Mr. Hillebrand is teaching about the Lusitania right now, too! What are you going to California for? I have promised myself to update my blog so I guess now I must! It will be good for me.

  3. It's treating me okay just have to get used to it i gues... my history teacher told me that when we go more in depth about the lusitania she told me i could teach about it! WOOT! we are joining my father during his buisness trip and its tecnically my birthday trip! we are going to stay on board the RMS Queen Mary, double WOOT! anyways you'll hear from me every now and then. Talk to you later!