Sunday, November 29, 2009

Thanksgiving in Taroko

We had a much-needed break from work for the Thanksgiving holiday, so headed up to Taroko National Park on the east coast of Taiwan for some hiking and biking.  It was so wonderful- fun people, good scenery, and lots of fresh air and laughter. 

 This is Hualien, the coastal town we stopped in on our way to Taroko.  The mountain scenery was fantastic.

On the way to a trail in Taroko National Park, we climbed down into the river bed to look around.

The suspension bridge was not scary at all...until the middle where the rails were only about waist-high.

There were lots of signs like this one, so we did as we were told.
After two days in Taroko, we caught a train up to Taipei along the coast.  There, we broke off from the group in search of a hot spring resort.  We found one in Yangmingshan (outside of Taipei), and spent the night.  In the morning we stopped by Longshan Temple before we caught the high speed train home to Kaohsiung.
 I will try to upload some video clips from inside the temple.  Hope everyone's Thanksgiving was just as fun and relaxing!


  1. We miss you, Mrs. Aiello!!
    Your Blog is aweesome, and i look on it every once in a while when i'm working on Mr Hyer's HW.
    Hope you are enjoying Taiwan :)

    Mathew Travis

  2. Hey Mat! Thanks for the note! Don't let Mr. Hyer find you working on other stuff in the lab :) Hope you had a great Christmas holiday- we are having fun in Taiwan.

  3. Beautiful! Para quedarse a vivir allí!